Excursion Morsleben Salt Mine: Saturday 7 to Monday 9 October 2023

Dear members of Ingeokring,

In this Ingeokring theme year “Salt of the Earth”, we will visit the salt mines in central Germany. The mines are now in use as storage location of nuclear waste. Along the way we will also visit a Mock-up mine in the Harz area and some other interesting geological sites.

Preliminary program:

  • Saturday 7 October 2023:
    • Travel to the Quedlinburg-area (ca. 500km / 6 hrs)
    • Own transport (we will try to combine if desired)
    • Possibility for some interesting stop along the way (tbd)
    • Stay in hotel in Quedlinburg, diner
  • Sunday 8 October 2023:
  • Monday 9 October 2023:

The Morsleben salt mine is a storage of low to medium radioactive waste. This mine is currently being prepared for final storage, and it is a stable mine in the current state. There is a nearby storage facility, the Asse II mine, which was also filled with nuclear waste in the 60’s to 90’s of the previous century. It is currently under investigation as it was found not stable and retrieval of the waste is being prepared. Hans Roest will give a well-informed presentation on the problems encountered at the Asse II mine on the evening before our visit to the Morsleben mine.

Further background information can be found here: https://www.einblicke.de/morsleben/

There is a maximum of 14 people that can go underground. We intend to give priority to Ingeokring members for the slots of the underground visit. For other (co)-visitors or for those who prefer to stay above ground, there is the possibility to do a 3D Virtual tour of the mine at the same time.

All costs for travel and lodging (room + food) will be for the individual participants. A preliminary estimate is 300 Euros pp for a single room incl. breakfast/diner, and 230 Euros pp for a double room incl. breakfast/diner. Travel costs are additional.

Please use the google form below to register: https://forms.gle/DDf7NpiaVVVe9Uak7
Please register before 1 June 1 July 2023!

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