GeoUtrecht 2020: Earth – Treasures, Transitions, Threats

A message from our colleagues of the KNGMG:

Dear colleagues,

From 24 to 26 August 2020, the German Geological Society DGGV and the Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands KNGMG are co-hosting the virtual conference ‘GeoUtrecht 2020: Earth – Treasures, Transitions, Threats’. The call for abstracts is open at The conference hosts three scientific sections on a range of geological topics. The first section is entitled ‘Earth and Humankind – Geo-hazards, geo-resources (including geothermal energy) and sustainability’ and this section in particular welcomes contributions on ongoing projects at our department, including but not limited to DeepNL projects.

The deadline for the call for abstracts is 26th of June 2020. Contributions may be submitted via the conference website at:

The virtual meeting will be offered as free-of-charge but we would like to encourage all participants who are not yet engaged in either DGGV or KNGMG to become a member of one of the societies as a courtesy mitigating the financial exposure as a result of waiving the conference fees.

We hope to receive many GSE abstracts soon!

Kind regards,

Femke Vossepoel
Board member of the Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands KNGMG

Ingeokring General Assembly / Algemene Ledenvergadering

Date: Thursday 20 February 2020, 17:00-18:30
Location: TU Delft

The General Assembly or ALV of the Ingeokring was opened by the chairman, Siefko Slob. During the meeting the activities of the past year (2019) were discussed as well as a forecast of the activities for 2020. 2019 also saw a change of board, so this General Assembly was the first held under the new board.

Ahmed Elkadi, the treasurer of the Ingeokring, presented the financial figures of 2019. The overall conclusion was that the Ingeokring showed a small loss compared to 2018, mainly due to unpaid contributions, but remains in general in good financial health. The financial and annual reports can be downloaded from the links below. The financial report has been approved by the members of the audit committee.

After the General Assembly Joost van Schrier (RHDHV), former president of the Ingeokring, provided the attendants of the General Assembly with a very interesting presentation titled: “The impact of change”. The presentation addressed how changes in climate and geotechnical conditions can affect a project along its engineering lifetime. Joost provided some examples from his 30 years of experience as a consulting geotechnical engineer and an engineering geologist. After the presentation and the following discussion, the General Assembly was ended with drinks and snacks provided by the Mijnbouwkundige Vereeniging.

Last but not least, we are glad to share the annual reports (Dutch and English), financial report and the presentation of the General Assembly respectively . Click on the following links to open one of the pdf-files:

ISRM International Symposium 2020 (EUROCK2020) -COVID-19 UPDATE-

A message from our colleagues of the ISRM:

Dear ISRM members and Rock Mechanics colleagues,

We are pleased to inform that the new date of the ISRM International Symposium 2020 – EUROCK2020 can now be confirmed. It will take place 12-14 October in Trondheim, Norway, at the originally planned venue.

The Organizing Committee made a tremendous effort not to cancel the conference, in view of the unknowns resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic and of the unavoidable financial uncertainties. They were able to negotiate a new date at the same venue, so that the conference takes place as much as possible as originally planned.

The ISRM Council meeting and the Commission meetings will take place on 11 October. The venue for these meetings will be confirmed later.

For more information visit the conference website at: .

Luís Lamas
Secretary General, ISRM

3rd European Regional Conference of IAEG (20-24 September 2020) -COVID-19 UPDATE-

A message from our colleagues of the IAEG:

Dear Colleagues and friends, members of the Scientific Committee,

In view of the escalating challenges we all face as a result of the
Coronavirus-COVID-19 pandemic and the need to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our exhibitors and visitors, we would like to inform you that the EUROENGEO 2020 Organizing Committee is carefully monitoring the situation across the Globe, and assessing the implications of containment and prevention measures by health authorities for the EUROENGEO 2020 conference, which is scheduled to take place in Athens, Greece from 20 to 24 September 2020.

Whilst it is too early to make accurate predictions about the progression or resolution of the epidemic, the meeting is still planned to proceed as scheduled. We will follow oncoming EU and Greek Ministry of Health recommendations regarding the organization of public events. We are very optimistic about the future situation and we are still looking forward welcoming you in Athens, next September!

Once again, please note that the conference will be organized with the collection of extensive abstracts, which we are looking forward receiving them up to the 30th of April 2020.
It is our pleasure also to announce that the Executive Office and Council of IAEG for 2020 will be hosted in the occasion of the conference in Athens.
Finally, the IAEG “Hans Cloos” and “Marcel Arnould” medals will be awarded, while the next Richard Wolters Prize competition for 2020 will be presented by IAEG at the occasion of the conference.

Please contact us for any queries at

Be safe and looking forward seeing you in September.


The Organizing Committee

Tenth International Symposium on Land Subsidence (TISOLS) is postponed

A message from the organizers of TISOLS:

Dear reader,

We are very sorry to inform you that the Tenth International Symposium on Land Subsidence (TISOLS) in the Netherlands has been postponed to 17-21 May 2021 due to the general concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus and the travel restriction for many participants. As your comfort and safety is our top priority, it has been decided that this is the best course of action to give as many people as possible the chance to attend the congress without exposing them to health risks.

  • We will cancel all registrations and reimburse any paid registration fee.
  • The Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences special issue dedicated to TISOLS will be published as scheduled the coming weeks.
  • From September 2020 onwards, we will open registration and abstract submission for TISOLS in May 2021. Authors with a paper in the TISOLS proceedings will be provided the opportunity to present their (updated) research in 2021. New abstracts are additionally welcomed. No new proceeding papers will be required to participate.
  • Please check this website for further updates on the new dates for TISOLS.

We will try to make the best out of this unfortunate situation and are giving our best to make the transition as easy as possible. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding immensely!

We hope to welcome you in the Netherlands from 17-21 May 2021.
Stay healthy and see you at TISOLS2021!

On behalf of the UNESCO Land Subsidence International Initiative, the TISOLS organizing committee and the TISOLS scientific committee

Gilles Erkens & Peter A. Fokker

Report on the 2019 Ingeokring Autumn Symposium “Post-mining risk management in the Netherlands” -4th UPDATE-

Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences, TU Delft, 15 November 2019

The symposium has been attended very well. A lot of new insights, ideas and lessons have been learned from to the speakers and their presentations. Again, we would like to express the speakers our gratitude!

For an extensive photographic impression of the atmosphere during the symposium, please feel free to download the file below:

At the end of the symposium, the Ingeokring presented a interactive online quiz with questions concerning the symposium’s theme. The audience liked it very much! Therefore the quiz and audience’s answers can be reminisced by clicking on the next link:

Last but not least, we are glad to share all of the presentations being held during the symposium. Click on one of the pdf-files below to open them:

The Netherlands Student Award for Engineering Geology

The Netherlands Student Award for Engineering Geology is a two yearly prize for the best Master of Science (MSc) research thesis in the field of Engineering Geology submitted to a Dutch university or institute of higher education. The prize is established by The Ingeokring. And this year’s prize goes to:

Pascale Lamens
MSc Geo-Engineering, CEG, Delft University of Technology

For her thesis:
“Pile installation in submerged sandy slopes: Assessing liquefaction-induced instability”.
And was defended in October 2017.

The Ingeokring congratulates Pascale with here amazing work! Her name has been added now to the Ingeokring’s Hall of Fame.