Student Awards

Ingeokring has established a prize for the best thesis (MSc, ir. or drs.) in the field of Engineering Geology submitted to a Dutch University or Institute of higher education. The prize consists of a sum of 500 Euro and a certificate, to be handed out every two years at the annual symposium being held by the Ingeokring every autumn.

The thesis must be a contribution to the application of earth scientific knowledge to the solution of problems in civil engineering, mining engineering or environmental engineering.

The Award Committee will pay special attention to:

  • Relevance for earth sciences and engineering
  • Scientific quality
  • Originality of approach
  • Quality of presentation

We invite the submission of theses defended from July 2017 onwards. Individuals can send in their own thesis or the thesis of others. Membership of Ingeokring is not required. A digital version of the thesis in PDF format or three complete hard copies of the thesis (including figures, photographs, and annexes) have to be submitted to the secretary of the Award Committee before 30-06-2019.

The Award committee consists of:

  • Dr. ir. Anne-Catherine Dieudonné (Delft University of Technology), chair
  • Dr. ir. Hans Roest
  • Dr. Ir. Ahmed Elkadi (Deltares)


Dr. Dominique Ngan-Tillard
TU Delft, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Geo-engineering Section
PO Box 5048
NL-2600 GA Delft


Past student awards:

Pile installation in submerged sandy slopes: Assessing liquefaction-induced instability
Ir. P. Lamens (Boskalis/TU Delft)

The Frozen & Unfrozen Barcelona Basic Model: A verification and validation of a new constitutive model
Ir. M. Aukenthaler (TU Delft)

Influences of ice lens formation in a silty soil
Ir. T. van den Bosch (TU Delft)

Investigation into quantitative visualization of suffusion
Ir. E. Rosenbrand (TU Delft)

Investigation of the reduction in uncertainty due to soil variability when conditioning a random field using Kriging
Ir. B. van den Eijnden (TU-Delft)

The behaviour of soils during static liquefaction
Ir. R. de Jager (Boskalis/TU Delft)

A method to automate the identification and characterisation of rock mass discontinuity sets using 3D terrestrial laser scanning data
Ir. B. van Knapen (ITC/TU Delft)

Decay of geotechnical properties of slope materials within engineering life time
K. Woldeaegay M.Sc. (ITC)

A three-dimensional production estimation system – Geotechnical aspects of dredging production estimation in the context of the Øresund Link Tunnel Trench Dredging Project
Ir. M.H.A. Brugman (TU Delft/ITC/Ballast Nedam)

Geometrical and hydro-mechanical characterization of discontinuities
Ir. M.V. Vincente Silvestre (TU Delft/LNEC/ITC)

A study of the variation in properties of crushed rock aggregate
Ir. J.K. Haasnoot (TU Delft)

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