The Ingeokring is a working group of the Stichting IAEG 1990, and its board includes the following persons:

President | Dr. ir. S. Slob (Siefko)

Secretary | Dr. ir. A. Elkadi (Ahmed)

Treasurer | Ir. J.D. Adrichem (John)

Member & Representative ISRM
Dr. ir. D.J.M. Ngan-Tillard (Dominique)

Member & Representative IAEG
Dr. ir. D.J.M. Ngan-Tillard (Dominique)

Ir. M. Vijlbrief (Milcar)

Ir. W.P. Munsterman (William)

Student representative (Study association “De Ondergrondse“)
R. Hoedemaker (Rik)

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