Excursion in the Border zone: “Rock mass description in the Bentheimer”

On Saturday August the 25th, an excursion to the Bentheim sandstone quarry is organised. Please find below some additional information and the tentative programme.

Rock mass classification Bentheim sandstone quarry by Robert Hack and Dominique Ngan-Tillard:

  • 11:00  Meeting and welcome at the Sandstone Museum, Bad Bentheim, Funkenstiege 5.
  • Notes: Parking of your cars either directly at the museum (against parking fees) or opposite of the museum (limited parking bays, free of charge). Opposite of the museum there is also  the restaurant “Fürstenhof”. You might wish to arrive earlier than 11:00 h, for a coffee or a German beer to have a good start in the day.
  • 11:10  Walking around the Sandstone Museum: sandstone outcrops, masonry walls, prominent buildings such Bentheimer Castle and catholic church St. Johannes.
  • 11:30  In the Sandstone Museum. Stratigraphy, palaeography and engineering properties of Bentheim sandstone. Reservoir rock for oil and gas.
  • 12:00  In the Sandstone Museum. Introduction to SSPC* by Robert Hack using hard copies of his slides.
  • 13:00 Lunch either at the Fürstenhof or in the Pizza Restaurant at the southern edge of the castle.
  • 14:00  Bentheim quarry- demo of SSPC, (S)RMR and Q at one outcrop by Robert Hack and Dominique Ngan-Tillard.
  • 15:30  Bentheim quarry- practice & comparison of results by all.
  • 16:30  End of workshop.
  • 17:00  Coffee and Tea in Bentheimer.

SSPC* is the Probability Classification System for Slope Stability developed by Robert Hack, Late Prof Price and Nick Rengers. Click for article here and/ or for presentation here.

Practical arrangements:
Participants are kindly requested to:

  • Arrange transportation,
  • Pay for their food,
  • Bring their safety and geology gear (boots, glasses, helmet, hammer and compass).

You are most welcome to participate! Please send an e-mail to info@ingeokring.nl and/ or D.J.M.Ngan-Tillard@tudelft.nl to register.

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