Dutch Student Award for Engineering Geology 2017. And the Winner is…….

The Ingeokring is proud that after a thorough selection the Best Thesis Award Committee 2017 has nominated 4 thesisis in the field of Engineering Geology.

The selection criteria and this year’s nominees are shown in Robert Hack’s presentation during the Ingeokring Autumn Symposium:

2017-11-24-Presentation-Award.pdf (482 downloads)

After careful consideration, the Committee decided that the Dutch Student Award for Engineering Geology of the year 2017 goes to……..

Manuel Aukenthaler

With his Master thesis “The Frozen & Unfrozen Barcelona Basic Model; A verification and validation of a new constitutive model”.

Congratulations! You have been added to the Ingeokring’s hall of fame!

Last but not least: the Ingeokring board would like to thank the Best Thesis Award Committee for their effort and time!

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