Geology for engineers (CGF-G): Practical course on geology in the Netherlands and abroad

DateThursday, 3 September 2020
Time14:00 - 20:00 hr
Costs€ 2.680,00 excl. btw Pricing includes all materials, catering and overnight stay at Namen, Belgium
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Practical course on geology in the Netherlands and abroad

Many of the risks associated with construction projects are related to the geology. The successful delivery of such projects heavily relies on proper ground investigations and the proper management of the geological and geotechnical risks associated with ground. Ground conditions are seldom unforeseen if the site evaluation is properly done and based on the concept that the geotechnical site characteristics are the direct product of the site’s geological and geomorphological history.

In this course you will learn the importance of the total geological history for the design of, for example, piled foundations, raft foundations and/or excavations in complex geological settings. You will learn the fundamentals of geology and rock mechanics and get practical guidelines to deal with spatial variability and unforeseen ground conditions for ground- and foundation engineering applications.

This course is part of the CGF-courses of KIVI. Lecturers are specialist with a large experience in geological engineering in worldwide and Dutch context. The course is concluded with a written exam.

The importance of geology

The following topics are covered during this course:

  • The importance of the total geological history and the development of a geological model as basis for site evaluation, ground investigations and foundation engineering.
  • Rock mechanics: the similarities and differences with soil mechanics considered from an engineering’s point of view.
  • Classification of rock and rock-masses and the use of specific laboratory tests to characterise the rock properties.
  • How to approach spatial variability and ground investigations in different geological settings.
  • The participants get hands-on experience with rock testing and work out case studies.
  • Field visit in the Belgian Ardennes.

Intended for

Project managers, geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, hydraulic engineers, structural engineers, geologists, geoscientists. Engineering consultants, dredging companies, contractors, oil-gas industry, offshore industry, mining industry.

Course days:

3, 10, 17 and 18 September, 1 and 8 October 2020

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