KNGMG Noord Presentation: “Rapid Change in the Polar Regions” by Dr. Peter Kuipers Munneke

DateTuesday, 24 May 2022
Time17:00 - 18:00 hr
OrganisationKNGMG Noord
Schepersmaat 2, 9405 TA Assen
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To the members and invitees of KNGMG Noord,

We are honoured to have a famous guest for our last presentation of this season: Dr. Peter Kuipers Munneke, known to many for his weather forecasts, will be joining us live here in Assen!

Subject:       Rapid Change in the Polar Regions
Presenter:   Dr. Peter Kuipers Munneke (Utrecht University)
Time:           Tuesday 24th May, 17:00-18:00
You’re welcome from 16:30 onwards, there will be some snacks and drinks.
Place:          Gehoorzaal, NAM office, Schepersmaat 2, 9405 TA Assen.

If you like to attend, please sign up via reply to this mail.

Virtual attendance will still be possible. If you’d like to receive a Microsoft Teams link please let us know, also by reply to this mail.


“The world is warming mainly due to the burning of fossil fuels. This warming is particularly strong over the Arctic region, much less so over Antarctica. We observe rapid changes in sea ice, glaciers and ice sheets. Modelling future mass loss is a challenge, and a lack of understanding of some key ice-sheet processes causes a deep uncertainty in future sea level rise. I will explain what we observe, how we try to explain our observations, and what our future sea level projections are worth.”

About our Speaker:

“Peter Kuipers Munneke (1980) is a glacier expert at Utrecht University, and has been a tv weather presenter since 2013. His expertise is on glaciers, ice sheets and sea level. He loves to share his knowledge on climate and the polar regions in a podcast, on tv, in theatre performances, and in his book “Alles Smelt” (Lias Uitgeverij, 2021).”

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