IX Latin American Rock Mechanics Symposium 2021 in Asuncion, Paraguay

On behalf of the Geotechnical Society of Paraguay (SPG), I am pleased to inform that we will be hosting the IX Latin American Rock Mechanics Symposium in Asuncion – Paraguay on September 20th to 22nd, 2021. Furthermore, we are postulating Asuncion as Candidate City for the venue of the 2021 ISRM International Symposium at the upcoming Council Meeting in Foz do Iguaçu – Brazil in September, to be held jointly with the IX Latin American Congress (former South American Congress). We would very much appreciate your support for this event.

Asuncion-for-ISRM-International-Symposium-2021.pdf (164 downloads)

Since the last Latin American Rock Mechanics Symposium in 1994 in the city of Santiago de Chile, no re-edition of the event took place. We feel it’s just about time to gather efforts to reactivate such an important space for the exchange of rock mechanics knowledge in our continent’s context. Under the theme “Challenges in rock mechanics: towards a sustainable development of infrastructure” the symposium aims to address the main challenges in rock mechanics linked to the needs of expanding and developing infrastructure.

The Geotechnical Society of Paraguay (SPG) is a young and dynamic organization that, since 1978, is dedicated to the diffusion and development of geotechnical knowledge and practice in our country and region. For us, it will be an honor to receive you at our home Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, located at the heart of South America. Your presence at the event will encourage an inter-regional scientific cooperation and will help us in our mission to promote the development of Rock Mechanics in our country and in Latin America.

Attached to this mail you can find a short brochure about the event and venue. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

We look forward to seeing you in Asuncion!

Jose Pavon Mendoza
President of the Paraguayan Geotechnical Society